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GAIL MILISSA GRANT, Author and Public Speaker

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Gail Milissa Grant was born in St. Louis at the cusp of the civil rights movement of the 1950s. She is the daughter of Mildred and David M. Grant, a prominent civil rights attorney and activist.

Grant received her B.A. in Art History and Archaeology from Washington University in St. Louis in 1972.

In 1974, she earned an M.A. in Art History from Howard University in Washington D.C., where she would later become an assistant professor of art and architectural history.

She served as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Information Agency and U.S. State Department for more than 20 years.

As a diplomat, she directed international public relations and cultural exchange programs overseas and from the U.S., and recruited and led culturally diverse teams toward that end. 


During her tenure, she was assigned to Norway, France, and Brazil, and did extensive press advance work on four continents for three U.S. presidents. 

Currently, she is a writer and public speaker based in Rome, Italy.  Her first book, At the Elbows of My Elders: One Family’s Journey Toward Civil Rights (Missouri History Museum), won the Benjamin Franklin Book of the Year 2009 in the autobiography/memoir category on May 28, 2009 and received an Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History on September 24, 2010.  (See Awards page for futher information, please.)

Please find here attached Mrs. Grant's Curriculum Vitae